Sunday, January 4, 2015

COMING UP - "Prick Or Treat"

Hello my naughties,

I know you haven’t heard much from me lately, but I have some good news.  Not only are there more Snack Witch stories on the way, but one of them is actually going to be a crossover with another erotica author!

Posted here is the cover I put together for “Prick or Treat,” where our favorite green-skinned seductress actually gets to play the villain in an erotic superhero adventure.  This time, she faces off against two college students, Kendall Smith and Drew Johnson, who when they masturbate, turn into big-breasted superwomen.  But when Halloween rolls around, The Snack Witch wreaks havoc with their plans - and their bodies!

Blair Buford and I have been working on this idea for a few months now, and we wanted to wait until we got a good start on the rough draft before announcing it.  Now that we’ve reached that point, here it is.  So stay tuned for more updates!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

EXCLUSIVE FREE SHORT! - "A Snack Witch Christmas Carol"

Late at night on Christmas Eve, Trina strolled through the darkened living room of her quiet suburban home.  Huddled in her fluffy red sweater with a pattern of green ornaments woven into the fabric, she peered through her frosted window, staring at the snowy darkness beyond.  Shivering, she clutched her mug of hot chocolate in her soft hands, then took another careful sip.

The drink helped, but Trina didn’t feel any warmer until she looked upon her tree once more, at its golden lights and glittering baubles.  She smiled.  In a few hours, her friends would be over for the holidays, ready to unwrap the presents she’d laid under the branches.  Ready to trade stories over hard cider and a warm fireplace.  She loved this time of the year.

But then the warmth became uncomfortable.  Feverish.  Her cheeks felt flushed, and dripping sweat licked her skin.  Her heart raced, and she felt dizzy.  Her mug slipped from her fingers, and hot brown splashed the toes of her fuzzy white slippers.  With nothing to grab onto, she fell to her knees.  Beneath her, the carpet seemed to shatter into several burning green lines, all of them linking together in a familiar pattern.

 No, she thought to herself.  It’s not supposed to happen tonight!

Then came a heavy sensation between her legs.  A new wetness slicked the crotch of her white cotton panties.  Trina’s roasting body trembled, and she moaned under her breath.  Her jet black leggings felt tighter than usual, and soon began to fail.  First at her knees, then the sides of her thighs, and soon the crotch had been pulled inside her.  At last, she felt a draft, and a drip of her nectar landed in the middle of the fully-formed pentagram.

Shimmering emerald flames blasted up from below, tearing every thread of fabric from Trina’s trembling body.  And, inside her roaring cocoon, dark energy filled her to overflowing.  It changed her, summoned her right hand to clutch each growing breast.  Her left hand was already buried between her thighs, where her sweating palm brushed black pubic hairs shaped into a tiny cauldron.  Her hair came undone and fell across her back, which heaved to the rhythm of her pleasure.

And when she came, the flames disappeared, leaving the glowing green figure of a naked woman.  Lost in the ashes was Trina, the new girl at the office.  Rising to her feet stood her true identity - The Snack Witch.

The green woman purred as she welcomed back her dormant form with an embrace, letting her breasts squeeze beneath her sweat-drenched arms.  In that moment of ecstacy, the witch didn’t mind that she’d re-awakened so soon after her Halloween feast - even though such had never happened before.  So she closed her yellow eyes and held herself, then breathed in the woody, primal scent of her sex.

But very soon, she smelled something else.  Something fresh and crisp that made her mouth water and stomach grumble.  She opened her eyes.

“Someone’s been naughty,” she said to herself.

The witch walked toward her front door.  When she did, the world around her melted, then re-formed into the shape of an unfamiliar bedroom.

The room was in a penthouse apartment, its large glass windows looking out over the skyline of a quiet metropolis at night.  Right away, her attention turned to the four-poster bed in the middle of the room, where she heard the grumbling sound of a person rustling beneath the covers.  It was a man’s voice, but not a very clear one.  In fact, she could only make out one phrase.

“Hum—bug!  Bah—Humbug!”

The witch walked across the cold tile floor, toward the scent and the man completely hidden beneath the covers.  Soon, she felt the animal inside her take control, and she climbed onto the foot of the giant bed, where she crawled the rest of the way on all fours, breasts swaying and jiggling with each movement.  Near the top, the witch stopped, then got to her knees.

She slid back the blankets as slow as she could, and soon came upon an older man sleeping inside.  She first saw his grey sleeping cap tugged over his head, then right away noticed his eyes were pinched shut, and he was making strange faces.  Down and down the blanket moved, bringing more of the minty smell.  The man wore a large baggy grey shirt which was hiked up about his waist.  And, at that point, where the distinctive scent of peppermint was the strongest, the witch saw he was masturbating.

“Humbug!” he stammered.  “Hum—bug!”

But what the man rubbed was changing by the moment.  It was whiter than the rest of him, smoother and shinier.  His hand buffed its way around a new curve at its tip, where the length was bending back into the shape of a hook.  Red liquid bubbled from his flattening tip, then spilled down the length in thick and thin stripes, all perfectly parallel to one another.  At last, the minty smell made sense.

The man’s dick was turning into a candy cane.

The witch licked her lips, rolled the man onto his back, and helped him out of his shirt.  When she did, she saw the rest of his body was glazing itself into the same glossy white shade, smoothing out his wrinkled body into a firm human-shaped mint candy.  The witch watched as the red lines from the man’s twitching dick slipped over the rest of him, twirling around his arms and legs like ribbons.  The lines raced over the man’s face.  His striped tongue licked cherry-red lips as he rubbed himself even harder.

The witch giggled, then crouched between the man’s legs until her smooth green buttocks parted.  She placed her hands on the backs of his, then slowed their erratic thrusts into nothing more than a tremble.  She then stuck out her tongue, and with the quickest of licks, flicked the hooked edge of the man’s dick.  The man shivered, then woke with a start.  He tried to sit up, but his body had become so stiff that he landed flat on his back once more.

“Wh—what’s happened?” he said to the ceiling.  The witch sat up, then held a green finger to the man’s lips.

“Hush now,” she whispered.  “I am here for you, Ebenezer.”  The man blinked, and his pupils turned white, then spilled red over his irises, forming perfect red-and-white pinwheel swirls like restaurant mints.

“How do you know my name?” he sputtered.  “Who are you, spirit?”  The witch grabbed the man’s dick, then brought her face back between his legs, letting her quaking breath tickle his distorted tip.

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Dessert!”

The witch hissed, then bit off the hook of the man’s dick.  The man trembled, then fell limp, his mouth agape.  As she crunched the minty morsel into powder, she set to work on the resulting jagged shaft, sucking it as hard as she could, working her green hands up and down his sticky length.  The more she sucked, the more his dick pulled itself into a sharp point between her lips.  On one suck, the point poked her bottom lip, and she savored the mix of her blood and his mint.  She squeezed the man’s stiff balls in her hand, feeling them stick to her sweaty palms, then nibbled down what remained of the point.

Meanwhile, behind the witch, a strange blue glow filled a corner of the bedroom.  There, the subtle rattling of chains called attention to a ghost who now hovered a few inches above the floor.  The ghost took the form of a man in an expensive-looking striped suit, his body wreathed by heavy iron chains.  The man took a breath and raised his arms.

“Ebenezer.” his deep voice thrummed.  “I, your old partner, Jacob Marley, warn you that tonight, you will be visited by three—” The ghost stopped when he saw the naked green woman crouched between Ebenezer’s legs, helping him out of his shirt.  “Um—oh—”

For a moment, Marley felt embarrassed.  He thought about sublimating again, disappearing so that he could come back another time.  But he soon found he couldn’t look away.  He couldn’t stop watching that smooth green ass flex to each movement.  The more he watched, the more he remembered his own nights of debauchery, getting head from the new secretaries during corporate retreats.

Then, as if by miracle, Marley felt a tightness in his glowing pants, and the sudden urge to explore it.  And, before long, he had pulled out his six-inch cock and was rubbing it, taking care to keep the troublesome chains from injuring his ethereal flesh.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  So warm.  So voracious.  So alive.  And, although he couldn’t figure out why Ebenezer wasn’t moving, he envied him tremendously.

But the more Marley touched himself, the more he sensed something come over him.  His body felt even heavier than usual.  Stiffer, too.  He felt himself being pulled toward the ground, then to his surprise actually felt the ground itself.  As he slid down, then leaned against the wall, he felt his body puff out, and for the first time since his death, he felt warmth.

At the same time, the strange mint scent that hung in the air was being overcome by another, spicier scent.  It was a sweet, delicious smell, like some of his favorite treats as a young man.  Almost like - gingerbread.

No - exactly like gingerbread!

Marley looked over himself to see his body had turned a flat brown, the consistency of his body locked in a rough cookie shape.  His chains had melted into streaks of white frosting all over his body, like hot streams of jizz when he’d touched himself in life.  And, with every moment that passed, he found it harder and harder to masturbate, his dick disappearing into his body as fingers became rounded ends of stubby arms.  Soon, the arms themselves locked at his sides, as if restrained by someone from behind.  He was terrified, but his frosted mouth was glued into a smile.

Marley looked up.  The green woman had climbed from the bed, and was now staring directly at him.  Behind her, Ebenzer had disappeared completely, leaving only his shirt and hat on the bedclothes.  Before Marley could figure out what had happened, the witch sucked her sticky lips onto his, and he tasted peppermint on her breath.  He felt his tongue, thick and hard, slip between her lips.

And when he did, she bit it off.


I hope you have enjoyed this little Christmas special of mine.  I wanted to post this to thank all you naughties out there for supporting my dirty little mind these past couple years.  There is such a huge world of sexual entertainment out there, and I am humbled to be one of your providers.  Rest assured, I am already working on some exciting new projects for the new year that will continue to get you off in the most unexpected ways, so stay tuned!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and to all of you, I wish you a happy - and sexy - new year!

Sara W.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"The Snack Witch" Featured on Wholesome Addiction!

Greetings, my naughties!

I am thrilled to announce that "The Snack Witch" has just earned its fourth erotica feature on the Wholesome Addiction Podcast!  To hear it, click this link and pull up Podcast 141: News and More News!

Beef, Sean, and The Operator have been some of my enthusiastic supporters ever since I got started in my early S.W. McAllister days, and their adult-themed 'casts are always both fun and sexually liberating.  If you haven't tuned in yet, definitely check them out!

As for The Witch herself, besides preparing for her yearly ritual next week, there is another story in the works!  When outlining it, I thought about splitting it in two, but recently, I've leaned toward putting the two stories together with an eye toward crafting a universe for this character.  I'm really excited about it, and I hope to have even more for you soon!

So stay tuned, everyone, and have a happy and safe Halloween - but be careful, because The Snack Witch knows when you've been naughty!

Monday, September 22, 2014

COMING UP - "The Snack Witch 5: Slumber Party Snacktime," Coming Thursday, October 9!

When the leaves turn and the air turns cold, Halloween is close at hand.  And with the season comes the tale of The Snack Witch, who as the legend goes feasts on the transformed bodies of those who dare pleasure themselves on her night.

During a sleepover in an average suburban home, Alexis tells this story to her two girlfriends.  Helen, the newest member of the group, is terrified, knowing she'd been touching herself during the story.  Mary, her lover, insists it's nothing more than an urban legend, then pleasures herself with her vibrator.

At the end of the story, Alexis turns to the door.  She expects to see Carol, another friend of hers, walk in covered in green body paint.  What she doesn't expect is for two green women to enter - and for one to take a bite of the other!

Prepare yourself, my naughties, for the newest tale of our favorite green-skinned seductress in "The Snack Witch 5: Slumber Party Snacktime," coming Thursday, October 9!

UPDATE: NOW ON SALE! - Incidentally, I think this is the best "Snack Witch" story yet.  Would love to hear what you naughties think!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

COMING UP - "His Salty Little Strawberry," Coming Friday, September 5!

Prepare yourselves, my naughties.

Coming Friday, September 5, it's my newest bit of foodplay erotica "His Salty Little Strawberry."

Jennifer couldn't figure out what intrigued her so much about Stan.  He was so shy, so nervous, and kept asking her if she was allergic to strawberries.  But by the end of their date, she'd put her finger on it - Stan was a virgin, and he had something kinky planned that he always wanted to try.  So she decided to go home with him.

But, when she steps out of the bathroom in her underwear, Jennifer is stunned to see Stan has transformed.  His entire body has taken on the appearance and feel of a giant strawberry - all the way down to his two pointy balls beneath his throbbing berry-dick.

A dick she couldn't help but grab.  And kiss.  And suck.

Taste forbidden fruit in "His Salty Little Strawberry," coming Friday, September 5!

UPDATE: This book is now on sale!  Click the links below for a free sample and more!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

COMING UP - "The Snack Witch 4: Hard Candy," Coming August 16!

When a young woman is stood-up at a Halloween party, she resorts to desperate measures.  Not knowing where else to turn, she goes home, takes off her costume, and starts to masturbate.

She knows, if the rumors are true, her choice is a death sentence.  She'll be transformed into food for The Snack Witch to eat.  But, while she does turn into a large hard candy, and the witch does come, she's surprised by her reaction.  Her empathy.

And soon, she discovers a side to the witch she never thought existed.

But, very soon, the witch senses something else.  Someone out there is changing for her.  Someone close.  And, when she realizes it, she decides to bring the candy-girl with her.

What will they find?  Will our hero be eaten?  Find out in "The Snack Witch 4: Hard Candy," coming Saturday, August 16 to eBook retailers everywhere!

UPDATE: This book is now on sale, my naughties!  Get yours today at the links below!